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a quick guide on a cuuute capis shell DIY and a whole lot of shell

you will need:

a mirror of your choice

Capis shells

hot glue


the shells come pretty rough around their edges since they are super delicate.

so I decided to trim them a little to get a nice round-is shape

you could make yourself a template and cut them all the same size, I just cut the edge to be smooth and follow the natural shape

surprisingly they are really easy to cut with normal scissrs, just go slow to not create new cracks

for the first layer of shell I went with rather small ones so I could use bigger ones peking out from behind

I just glued them onto the back of the mirror

once the first row was done I took the largest ones I could fond in my batch and used these to create a layer effect

i glued them to peak out a little between the smaller ones

I decided to add a few more additional after the second row was done, you can do any design you want

to hang it I used this screw on clasp and just glued it on, this works because the mirror is pretty small, the bigger they get you'll need to switch to more heavy duty hanging gear

i pooled the glue on and pressed the clasp in real good, being careful to not glue on the hanging part

as a little test I made another one as well where I glued the shells to the front, looks also pretty cool. I didn't went the extra mile and cut all the edges smooth, now I wish I did ...haha

found at H&M home 0957382001 & 0957379001

H&M Home 0958995001

Zara Home REF:/8366/065

found at HK Living (brand)

she a table lamp found at reformastockholm Brand: BYON Name 'Oceana'

found at Westwing 'Serafin shell' by Lene Bjerre

Vase 'Shell' by BYON

Nordal Vase 'Rakitu'


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