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mayyyyybe a little trigger warning beforehand: if tile spacers and perfectly perfect lines of grout are the only thing acceptable for your eyes, this project might not be for you, cause we basically wing it freehand. if something is already build and set finding the perfect tile is nearly impossible, so the only way to still kinda make it work is to cut the tile sleeves up and to divide the space evenly in the grout lines .... more on that later...

so: I had this thing thang Ikea Moppe thing flying around (nearly put it out on the street for someone to pick up)

and then I was just like whyyyyy not put tile on it, for the fun.

so I did.

with hot glue, like always.

Things I used:

- leftover mosaic tile (ripped them from the net sleeve they came on)

- hot glue

-a piece of mdf



to get started I pulled out all the compartments of the moppe thing and looked how the tiles would fit

surely attached to the net sleeve they wouldn't match up perfectly with the size of the litte drawers

so i pulled the tiles individually from the net and set them onto the front by hand

glueing each one individually with hot glue

I started with the corners to have a starting point and filled the surface trying t create an even pattern

I put on all the tile before glueing to get a rough feel on how the pacing would work

for the second and third row it worked out super smooth and I could continue the grout line pattern over all three drawers

for the top row unfortunately I has to do a slightly different pattern because the grout lines just didn't matched up with where the drawers were separated.

you could just glue all three together and tile over the whole front if you want a over all continuous pattern. then you just pull out all three at once if you open it later

once I had all y drawers done I tiled the outside.

since the tile ne wasn't perfect fit either I cut it up into strips and tried to spread them as evenly as I could

again starting with the tip and bottom row

and filling in the space in between to get an even look

I glued a MDFboard to the back to fill in that little empty space, this way I could glue on one tile more and didn't had to leave a giant grout line a the back

since its only the back I could easily extend it

once everything is tiled aka glued on with hot glue its grooooouuut tiimee

now looking at it done im not sure if dark was the right choice I feel a lighter colour would be cool too. but I felt I - I did it

I basically just smeared all fronts and let them set a bit until I cleaned them up with a damp sponge

i dient cared too much about getting a little grout on the sides, cause I was like you can always paint over it later ... just make sure you don't get big chunks on the sides, your drawers have to be able to slide still

once everything was cleaned up and dry I painted over the front again with white to get rid of the last bits of residue

paint paint paint ....

thennnnn I decided to get a bit funky and paint the inside pink ...

i am not sure if that really was the right choice cause its a lot looking at the pictures now, I might paint it just white in the future, but I thought it would be cool to have a fun little surprise

I painted the small trims of the drawers as well ... basically paint over anything where you feel like its necessary

aaaaand done! using this 'technique' you can basically tile anything as long as its somewhat of a rectangle / square shape.

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