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(disclaimer. make them for yourself, your mom, friends, nannies who ever. I love it when you guys recreate the things I make for yourself!! if you think its a good idea to make these and sell them - well nothing I can't do about it I guess, but let me tell you I do have 0000 respect for you - also ... negative karma points. just don't)

you will need a mirror of your desired size, it helps if you find one that kinda matches the tiles you are using. if you go on a lil mirror hunt make sure you know the size of your tiles. just measure one tile strip (including the spaces for grout, if you're using preset tiles makes everything easier) to have a rough idea on many tiles you could fit around the mirror. little hack I used over and over again is cutting the tile strips in really small pieces and kinda make it work by dividing the space that's too much or too little on all grout spacings, makes it look nearly perfect.

you will need as well:

- a piece of sturdy wood (mdf or osb to avoid working/ swelling wich can cause cracks)

- tiles of your choice

-two kinda long screws

-a drill for wood

-a screwdriver matching your screws

- wood panel to use as the shelving (mine was 1 cm thick wich is exactly one tile wide) if you can only find ones that are 1-2 mm off from your tile that's fine, you can still make it work and it will disappear when grouted, but it should kinda match

-dispersion glue (tile glue) or power glue and hot glue (I used power glue to attach the mirror and then hot glue for the tiles but you can use dispersion glue for the whole thing if you like, sticks super well to mirrors as well)

- grout powder

- water based acrylic paint if you wanna dye your grout

- gloves for the grout part

- a sponge and water

- something to protect your floors, I like to lay out trash bags

plan out how big you want your tile frame to be and cut your wood according to size

I went with 4 rows of tile at the sides and top, 5 for the bottom

I like to lay everything out before making final steps like cutting wood or glueing stuff in place, this way you get a feeling for how its gonna look

I started with glueing the tiles on the shelf part

count how many tiles log you want your board to be and cut your piece of wood to match the length of the tile strip

if you get these preset mosaic tile sheets you can just cut them into the size of strip you need and add strip after strip

I used hot glue to glue the tile in place, if you do use hot glue make sure you put lines of hot glue where each row of tile meets the wood.

make sure every sigle little tile gets a bit of glue so you don't end up with loose tiles along the way

cover the whole thing with tile except the side that will face the mirror board, we need to screw into that side later on

after I had my shelving part tiled I went on and glued the tile on the board in place

as mentioned earlier results are best if you try to lay out everything as perfect as it can be before you start. this way you can space your strips out perfectly and you don't end up with one thick line of grout at the end

once everything is laid out I just lift one row of tile carefully and put hot glue underneath and press it on, once its dry I just keep on lifting the sheet and placing a line of hot glue underneath every single row of tile, this way you dot mess up your pre organised and laid out pattern and you can really control how every row in placed

i glued the mirror with power glue on after I glued on all tiles to make it as centered as possible

once all tiles and the mirror is glued on I placed my shelf onto the line of tile where I wanted it to go

I took a pair of scissors and lifted up two individual little tiles so the wood was exposed again

you just kinda shuff a flat screw driver or something similar underneath the tile and lift a bit up, should pop off kinda easy

I placed the holes in the middle of the second tile from the outside ends of the shelf in, this way they will be completely covered by the shelf when screwed on

I then placed the shelf over the holes and aligned the grout lines to match with the ones from the mirror board, then I screwed from the back into the wood of the mirror through the wood of the shelf

its pretty sturdy that way, but I would say don't put more than 4-5 kg on it (but I mean what tiny heavy thing would you put on that kinda shelf)

once that's all done its GROOUUUUT time

if you want coloured grout get a bunch of water based acrylic paints and start to mix them until you get the colour you like (maybe make it a little darker, since the powder is white and you'll add a lot it will make the colour come out lighter)

I mixed a bunch of greens, a little black and a good bit of orange, since I wanted a sage colour wich has a orange undertone (you can't really see it but that's the best way to get a real 'sagey' sage)

mix everything with water (not too much, you can always add more later) make sure you don't have any paint lumps

(yup these are all screenshots from the vid material)

add your grout powder and mix until you get a paste like consistency

start to massage the grout into the cracks, doesnt has to be super neat at this point

don't forget to grout the shelf from all sides!

to finish of the sides of the wood I just covered everything in a thin layer of grout as well

once everything is grouted I do go over the whole thing with a damp sponge, this way everything gets super smooth

once the grout kinda settled for about 20 mins I go over it with paper towel and clean up the tiles from leftover paint and grout

be gentle and don't press too much, otherwise you'll start pushing the grout around, just clean the surface

clean clean clean ... does take a good while

and then all that's left to do is wait for it to dry, best over night and doooohhhoone

beauty shots are in the works I just wanted this to go out asap so only screen shots it is


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